After All, No Regrets in Carrera Campaign

Carrera, a fashion eyewear brand, has come with a new campaign, which is conceived and created by the agency D’Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO. It continues with its “After All, No Regrets” headline and showcases a series of characters in exhilarating life situations.

The characters in each scene experience exciting and captivating moments with intensity and determination, accompanied at all times by Carrera eyewear as an inseparable companion.

The new Carrera campaign, which was created based on online and social media feedback from fans, aims to identify an ideal list of the top 10 things to do in life, with no regrets. Carrera ads show people living life to the fullest, leaving no room for regrets.

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The new campaign images vividly depict the world of the fast-laners, those who live life “in the fast lane.” These characters seize every opportunity to have fun and actively seek out new challenges, new people, and new sensations.

According to the company, the young people of the “Carrera generation” are not afraid to achieve their dreams and goals and can confidently say: “After All, No Regrets.”

The worldwide Carrera campaign will go live in September and will be seen in daily newspapers, magazines, and websites. The ads will be incorporated into social media networks and search engines with a targeted banner campaign and via the official website A new version of the Carrera website will be unveiled to mark the launch of the campaign.

Alongside the campaign, the Carrera “After All, No Regrets” message will also be shared virally via video. The video was shot by film director Marco Gentile and guest stars two big names including Tony Kaye, director of the film “American History X” (which earned Edward Norton an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor), and Harold Bradley, a multi-talented blues musician, actor, and painter, who narrates the video.

The Carrera collection of sunglasses and optical frames is manufactured and distributed by the Safilo Group.

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