AHF Launches ‘Stop L.A. Corruption’ Campaign

Health and public policy advocates from AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) will unveil ‘Stop L.A. Corruption’ campaign.

According to AHF, it is a new advocacy and awareness campaign highlighting the profound failures of Los Angeles County and its key elected and appointed officials in carrying out their sworn duties to serve and protect the nearly 10 million residents of the County.

The campaign formally launches today, Nov. 4, with a 10:30 AM (PT) teleconference and the roll out of elements that include several ‘Tired of Waiting for LA County?—Stop LA Corruption’ billboards placed throughout Los Angeles.

The campaign also includes a double-sided Sticky Note advertisement on the Los Angeles Times, as well as the launch of the official website, www.stopLAcorruption.com, which features artwork of a line of people queuing for services.

The graphic has been animated so that the line appears to be shuffling forward at a glacial—L.A. County norm—pace.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), a global AIDS organization, currently provides medical care and services to nearly 250,000 individuals in 31 countries worldwide in the US, Africa, Latin America / Caribbean, the Asia / Pacific Region and Eastern Europe.

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