Amway to Present Power Wheelchair Soccer

On Wednesday, Dec. 12, two four-on-four teams will perform a demonstration of power wheelchair soccer during the Orlando Magic’s halftime show at the Amway Center.

Power Soccer is said to be the largest organized sport for athletes in power wheelchairs. For Amway Independent Business Owners, Jim and Nancy Dornan, building awareness of this sport and enabling more wheelchair-bound athletes to participate, has been a matter of passion and heart.

“No matter what personality, when you put them in that chair the very first time, there’s like a light bulb that goes on,” says Nancy Dornan. “They realize, ‘I’m doing something that other kids do.’ It doesn’t matter that they can’t use their hands to turn a page in a book or they can’t get up out of their chair. All of the sudden it doesn’t matter. It’s what’s in their head and their heart.”

The sport provides an outlet and network of supportive relationships for special needs children, adults and their families.

Amway is one of the world’s leading direct selling businesses.

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