Are You Prepared to Deal with Wildfires?

As wildfires burn across the western United States, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and Ad Council launch new public service ads (PSAs) targeting homeowners and community members in fire-prone areas.

The new PSAs represent the continuation of the Fire Adapted Communities initiative which raises awareness about the threat of wildfire and helps individuals and communities mitigate wildfire damage.

Nearly 70,000 communities nationwide are at risk from wildfire, according to the National Association of State Foresters. For the last 12 years an average of 6.9 million acres burned each year.

Wildfires put lives at risk and cost government, businesses and individuals billions of dollars each year in suppression costs and damage to homes, infrastructure, the economy and resources.

“Homes and communities don’t have to burn. There are proven tools and programs to help communities to adapt to wildfire and successfully live with fire in the environment,” said U. S. Forest Service Fire Adapted Communities program manager Pam Leschak. “Everyone has a part in helping to keep their community safe.”

A single ember that escapes from a wildfire can travel over a mile. New PSAs created pro bono by Draftfcb highlight the risk these embers pose to homes, structures and communities and remind audiences that you can’t control where an ember will land, but you can control what happens when it does.

Community members are encouraged to take simple, proactive steps to protect their families and neighbors by preparing in advance and addressing the wildfire hazards around their homes and in their communities.

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Rakesh Raman