Bacardi Plans to Celebrate its 150th Birthday

Bacardi Limited, the world’s leading privately owned spirits company, says that 2012 will be its most innovative year since the creation of Bacardi rum in 1862.

Throughout the year, Bacardi will host one-of-a-kind birthday parties, launch special promotions featuring 100 years of advertising, introduce a $2,000 limited-edition decanter of rare Bacardi rum, offer travel retail exclusives and commemorative gifts, and much more for consumers to come together and share in the excitement.

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“The passion and entrepreneurial spirit shown by my great-great grandfather in Santiago de Cuba a century and a half ago gave birth to exceptional rum that would change the spirits industry forever,” said Facundo L. Bacardi, Bacardi Limited chairman and fifth-generation Bacardí family member.

Bacardi was founded in Santiago de Cuba on Feb. 4, 1862, when Don Facundo Bacardí Massó purchased a small distillery. After years of experimenting, Bacardi revolutionized the spirits industry by adding steps never before used in rum-making.

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He selected high quality blackstrap sugarcane molasses, isolated a special strain of yeast (still used today), filtered, mellowed his rums in American white oak barrels, and then blended them to create the perfect taste.

The smooth, light-bodied spirit he created, as opposed to the harsh “fire water” of the time, was Bacardi – the world’s first premium rum and the first mixable rum – helping usher in a cocktail culture that thrives today. The artful Maestros de Ron (Master Blenders) continue to follow the same exacting standards set forth by Don Facundo, says the company.

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To honor 150 years of Bacardi rum-making expertise and craftsmanship, eight Maestros de Ron, all Bacardí family members, have combined their talents to create a special, limited-edition Bacardi rum — Ron BACARDÍ de Maestros de Ron, Vintage, MMXII.

A blend of the finest rums laid to rest in oak barrels over the last 20 years and finished in 60-year old Cognac barrels, the vintage blend is presented in a hand-blown 500ml crystal decanter housed in a leather case and retails for US$2,000. The company says only 400 decanters are available for purchase at select international airports and premium retail establishments around the world.

In the picture above: Bacardi was founded in Santiago de Cuba on Feb. 4, 1862, when Don Facundo Bacardí Massó purchased a small distillery and revolutionized the spirits industry with BACARDI rum.

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