Can Hair Loss be Restored with any Remedy?

Approximately 80 million American men and women experience some form of hair loss. Premature balding or thinning hair can often result in a decrease of self esteem, it’s believed. But Freedom Laser Therapy of Los Angeles aims to change all that by bringing its iRestore Hair Rejuvenation System to the mass market.

After using lasers in his Freedom quit smoking clinic, company president Craig Nabat believes that the low-level laser therapy technology which helped him break his nicotine addiction also promotes thicker hair, and decreases the progression of hair loss.

According to the company, the Laser Hair Restoration Technology, known as phototherapy, is a scientific process providing stimulation to cells in your hair. The 25-year old advanced low-level laser treatment stimulates the scalp, allowing miniaturized and dormant hair follicles to rejuvenate, it says.

iRestore is a hands free device and is worn 3 times weekly for 30 minutes on non-consecutive days. iRestore’s (27) 650nm lasers and (27) high output LEDs are equipped with separation barrels, which part obstructing hair for direct access to the user’s scalp.

The common hair loss areas are treated with focused light energy for 10 minutes each on the front, middle, and back of the scalp. Users can experience fuller, thicker, and healthier hair within 90 days; ongoing treatments are required for lasting results, said the company while making this announcement today, March 13.

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Rakesh Raman