Can Sir Can-A-Lot Rescue the World?

To help celebrate 75 years of the SPAM brand, the makers of SPAM products are launching their first ever spokescharacter, Sir Can A-Lot –– a two and a half inch tall embodiment of the brand essence ready to begin a crusade to rescue the world from routine meals. It was announced today, Feb. 29.

“The introduction of Sir Can-A-Lot provides an engaging presence that highlights the playful and down-to-earth personality that makes the SPAM brand both unique and timeless,” said Nicole L. Behne, product manager of SPAM family of products. “The campaign features him ridding not only mealtimes of boredom, but also helping consumers ‘Break the Monotony.’”

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The booming personality of Sir Can-A-Lot comes to life in various elements:

Television spots: Three, 30-second, animated television advertisements feature Sir Can-A-Lot introducing SPAM products into ho-hum meals in surprising ways.

Online banner ads: Online banner advertisements depict Sir Can-A-Lot proudly showcasing his love for SPAM products.

Redesigned Site:, has been redesigned to create a modern home base for the brand’s fans. Sir Can-A-Lot serves as the site’s guide to help fans break out of their boring routines, and surprises audiences by having them scroll not down, but UP to view the content!

The Glorious SPAM Tower: Fans are encouraged to explore the unlimited heights of Sir Can-a-Lot’s world, and to contribute content to the growing tower made up of cans. Within each can, fans uncover new product varieties, read news and interact with the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Enhanced Recipe Features: Discover an entirely new set of recipe options, including SPAM recipe descriptions and user-friendly images.

Fun & Games: Become immersed in the world of Sir Can-A-Lot that invites users to explore the SPAM brand.

Creation of the TV and online advertisements was managed by BBDO Minneapolis. TV ads were produced by Laika House. Website and design was created by Proximity Minneapolis, with Proof Integrated Communications managing Web development.

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In addition to the new campaign, the month of July will contain important milestones as the brand recognizes its 75th birthday on July 5. Hormel Foods will honor the community and home of the SPAM brand in Austin, MN with a late-month festival.

The brand will also bring the Sir Can-A-Lot spokescharacter to New York to participate in the honor of ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Hormel Foods Corporation, based in Austin, Minn., is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of consumer-branded food and meat products.

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