Domino’s Set to Make its Pizzas Fly!

The DomiCopter is a lightweight flight aircraft, capable of travelling vast distances at high altitudes all whilst carrying Domino’s pizzas.

Sci-fi comics and movies have illustrated the next generation of flying machines for years, says Domino’s.

The DomiCopter can potentially climb hundreds of metres to reach its destination without the need to refuel, whilst also being eco-friendly – meaning a new way to deliver food.

The pizzas would be carried by the DomiCopter in the Domino’s Heatwave bags. The bags, which were a key breakthrough in Domino’s pizzas retaining their heat, could now be utilised with another technological offering – the DomiCopter.

“At Dominos we’re always looking to innovate and find new ways to deliver our pizza and a DomiCopter could fit the bill perfectly,” said Simon Wallis sales and marketing director at Domino’s.

A Domino’s Flight Academy is also rumoured to be in the pipeline should the DomiCopter delivery service take off. Domino’s made this announcement today, June 4.

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