El Cucuy: The Boogeyman at Halloween Horror Nights

The age-old fear of “the boogeyman” comes to life at Universal Studios Hollywood in an all-new grisly twist, “El Cucuy: The Boogeyman,” as the latest in the lineup of “Halloween Horror Nights” authentically disturbing mazes opening September 20.

Adding to the torment of “El Cucuy’s” grim and dark legend is an exclusive and chilling narration by Danny Trejo, one of Hollywood’s leading villain character actors.

In Mexico, “the boogeyman” is known as “El Cucuy,” a mythical ghost-monster touting pointed teeth and razor-sharp claws. Some believe it is an evil spirit which lurks in desolate caves and ventures into the pueblos late at night, lying in wait under beds, in closets and on rooftops in search of disobedient children.

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The legend began as a cautionary tale told by parents warning their children to behave or “El Cucuy” would prey on them. This generations-old myth has haunted children over the years as part of popular Hispanic folklore recited throughout Mexico, Latin America and the United States.

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights

“I remember my mother telling me about ‘El Cucuy’ as a little kid and it freaked me out,” said creative consultant and maze narrator, actor/producer Danny Trejo. “I grew up with it and I told it to my kids, too. I can’t wait to check it out at ‘Halloween Horror Nights’.”

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