FIFA World Cup Brazil on Hybrid Grass

The DESSO GrassMaster system is currently being installed at the newly built “Arena de Sao Paulo” in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The stadium has been chosen to host the Opening Ceremony and Opening Match of Brazil 2014 and will also play host to five other matches, including a semi-final.

The hybrid DESSO GrassMaster system is a 100% natural grass surface, reinforced by 20 million artificial fibres. With this system the 2014 FIFA World Cup will have a perfect pitch throughout the tournament.

The system consists of a 100 % natural grass pitch into which artificial fibres are injected 18 cm deep, every 2 cm across the pitch. This results in approximately 20 million artificial fibres reinforcing the natural grass.

The ingenuity of the system lies beneath the surface. The natural grass roots grow around the fibres, thus anchoring the field. The system offers stability and reinforcement, ensuring a uniform and visually attractive surface in perfect condition at all times. After Brazil 2014, the stadium of Sao Paulo will be home to Sport Club Corinthians Paulista.

DESSO Sports Systems is a FIFA Licensee for football turf. The company is an international specialist in innovative sports fields for football, rugby and hockey as well as tennis courts and multifunctional fields. Over time, the company says it has installed more than 55 million m² of artificial and hybrid grass worldwide at both amateur and professional clubs.

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Rakesh Raman