Garden of Imagination Rose Parade Float

The Bayer Advanced Garden of Imagination Rose Parade float tells the story of the Walheim brothers who grew up working in the family garden near San Francisco. The Tournament of Roses’ Just Imagine… theme inspired the creation of the Bayer Advanced Garden of Imagination float. Rex and Lance Walheim will ride on the float in the Rose Parade.

Rex Walheim imagined flying in space and achieved the ultimate dream of becoming a NASA astronaut. He was mission specialist on three NASA shuttle missions, including Atlantis (STS-135) — the final mission of the U.S. shuttle program in July 2011. He’s currently working on NASA’s new deep space exploration system that is scheduled to take its first test flight in 2017.

Lance Walheim imagined working with flowers and plants. Now he’s a horticulturist, owns a 17-acre citrus ranch and is the Bayer Advanced Rose Care expert. He’s authored or co-authored more than 30 books, including the best seller, Roses for Dummies. He provides gardening advice to people.

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“A garden begins with small flowers or seeds,” said Lance Walheim. “The thousands of flowers on the Bayer Advanced Garden of Imagination float are symbolic of the ideas that grow in your imagination — just like the ideas Rex and I had growing up.”

“You really can fulfill your dreams if you just imagine the possibilities,” said Rex Walheim. “I was able to see the Earth from 250 miles up in space on three different shuttle missions. That’s a truly amazing experience.”

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The Bayer Advanced Garden of Imagination float features more than 20,000 roses and a rocket contrail that reaches 30 feet into the air. A rocket contrail is like a vapor trail, only this one features thousands of beautiful roses. The contrail symbolizes the idea that if we “just imagine,” we can reach for the stars and achieve great things.

It also features the world debut of the 2012 All-America Rose Selections Award Winner, Sunshine Daydream, a beautiful yellow rose.

Bayer Advanced is one of the leading consumer lawn and garden brands in the United States.

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