How to Bring Your Business on the Web

With nearly 2 billion people connected to the Internet, the Net-based information repository, the Web, is already a crowded place.

However, businesses of all sizes can’t ignore the Web, as it gives them tremendous opportunities to reach out to consumers in all parts of the world.

It’s observed that many smaller businesses still don’t have their presence on the Web – mainly because they don’t have sufficient knowledge about the Web’s nitty-gritty.

This article, which is a part of our initiative: Tech-Wise Knowledge Center for SMBs, will help businesses create their presence on the Web and inform others about their offerings. Three Steps to Start Your Office on the Web.

By Rakesh Raman

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  • Peter Watson

    An excellent point. For the small businesses out there who think it is to hard to go online or who simply can’t be bothered, you need to make the effort! Not being online will almost certainly be costing your small business money!