How to Test Ebola in Just 60 Seconds

How to Test Ebola in Just 60 Seconds
How to Test Ebola in Just 60 Seconds

Believe it or not; a Canadian company claims it has developed a 60-second Ebola testing kit.

bioLytical Laboratories, which offers rapid infectious disease diagnostic tests, has developed a pre-clinical prototype diagnostic test for the rapid detection of antibodies to the Ebola Zaire strain responsible for the current outbreak in West Africa.

The prototype is based upon the company’s INSTI rapid test platform, which is capable of providing results in as little as 60 seconds, says the company.

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“We are very excited about what our research and development team has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time,” says bioLytical’s CEO Dr. Christopher Shackleton.

bioLytical Laboratories is a privately owned Canadian biotechnology company engaged in the development and manufacture point-of-care rapid diagnostic tests. Its flagship product is the 60-second INSTI HIV1/HIV2 antibody test.

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