Manchester United Named Most Popular Soccer Team

A new global survey released today, May 29, has named Manchester United the world’s most popular soccer franchise, featuring 659 million followers worldwide.

The survey findings were released by Manchester United Ltd. today.

The survey was carried out by a market research agency, Kantar, and gathered 54,000 respondents from 39 countries around the world. Kantar also found that soccer remains the world’s most popular sport, with 1.6 billion followers globally, reinforcing the results of a recent FIFA survey which produced a similar figure.

“Manchester United is built on a tradition of iconic players, iconic teams and iconic achievements – Beckham, Busby, Benfica ’68,” said Richard Arnold, commercial director, Manchester United.

“Now our games are broadcast to 1.15 billion households globally, to an audience of over four billion a year. Manchester United resonates with followers all over the world, and it’s their passion and support that means year after year we can continue doing what matters most to everyone at the Club: playing attacking football and competing for trophies.”

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