Meet the Real Mummies of the World

Mummies of the World

Mummies of the World

The Mummies of the World exhibition will make its debut at Orlando Science Center on June 13, 2015. The presentation in Orlando will mark the twelfth stop on the exhibition’s exclusive tour of the United States.

Mummies of the World is stated to be the largest exhibition of real mummies and related artifacts ever assembled, showcasing a collection of naturally and intentionally preserved mummies.

This collection includes ancient mummies and significant artifacts from around the world. Included in the collection are the Vac Mummies, a mummified family from Hungary believed to have died from tuberculosis; the Baron Von Holz, a German nobleman found tucked away in the family crypt of a 14th century castle wearing his best leather boots; as well as MUMAB, the first replication of Egyptian mummification done on a decedent body in 2800 years; and more.

Through modern science and engaging interactives, this collection of specimens and objects reveals how the scientific study of mummies provides a window into the lives of ancient people, offering insights into past cultures and civilizations.

Mummies of the World will be on display at Orlando Science Center for a limited time, debuting June 13, 2015.

Photo / Video courtesy: Mummies of the World

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