Neymar to Lead Brazil’s Gold Quest at Rio 2016 Games

Football Superstar Neymar

Football Superstar Neymar

The way looks open for football superstar Neymar to pursue Olympic glory in his home country at the Rio 2016 Games after his club, Barcelona, sent a letter to the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) saying he would be released for the tournament.

The CBF confirmed Friday that Barcelona would allow the player to take part in one of the two upcoming tournaments: The Copa America and Olympic Games.

Neymar has already said that he would prefer to miss the Copa America, which will be held in the USA in June, and instead represent his country in the Olympic Games in August. The CBF had already said it would prefer Neymar to play at Rio 2016.

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The CBF said Friday that they had not given up hope that Neymar could play in both competitions. Nevertheless, at the beginning of April the president of Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartolomeu, said this would almost certainly not be possible.

The club is concerned about the physical impact that two tournaments would have on their young attacker. As the Olympic football tournament is not included in the official FIFA calendar of international matches, there is no obligation for clubs to release players for Rio 2016.

In contrast, clubs must give up their players for the Copa America. Barcelona has previously indicated that it would be prepared to release Neymar for the Olympic Games instead.

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