Norwegian Cruise Line Travel Channel on YouTube

Norwegian Cruise Line says it is working with YouTube to create YouTube Vacationer, a travel-specific channel. It aims to provide vacation information from Lonely Planet, National Geographic and Travel Channel.

The YouTube Vacationer,, is also interactive, offering visitors an opportunity to create their own “Vacation You” video experience and share it with others.

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When interacting within Norwegian’s “Vacation You” section of the YouTube Vacationer channel, visitors will select from a series of short video clips that tap into their vacation mindset to produce a customized 60-90 second montage of their ideal Freestyle Cruising vacations.

Visitors can then share their personalized “Vacation You” video with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter or email.

“From a marketing perspective, this opportunity is compelling because it provides a truly organic user experience and represents another great way for brands to work with YouTube,” said Maria Miller, Norwegian Cruise Line’s senior vice president of marketing.

To experience the YouTube Vacationer channel, you can visit

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