Pelosi on BP Oil Spill Victims Legislation

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has released the following statement following passage of H.R. 5503, the SPILL Act (“Securing Protections for the Injured from Limitations on Liability Act”), a bill to ensure just compensation for maritime disaster victims. The legislation passed the House by a voice vote.

“The family members of the 11 people who were killed on the Deepwater Horizon have taken their pain and turned it into advocacy – in the memory of their loved ones and to ensure future generations never have to face such personal loss. They have turned their grief into action.

“Out of respect for the memories of those who died on the Deepwater Horizon, the House today passed bipartisan legislation to reform our maritime laws and to ensure appropriate remedies when corporations negligently cause maritime disasters.

“The SPILL Act will modernize these laws to ensure that BP and other responsible parties are held fully accountable for their actions and to ensure that families of those killed or injured in the BP oil spill and other such tragedies are justly compensated for their losses.

“We will continue to assist the families and all Americans who have been adversely affected by the BP oil spill by holding responsible corporations fully accountable.”

The statement was issued Thursday by the Office of the Speaker of the House.

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Rakesh Raman

  • D Thompson

    BP has its own agenda that is not paying from its profits. By that I saying BP knows that dragging their feet in paying out victims they profit from the victims loss. They (congress) needs to put hard and non-evasive time frames to which victims are compensated. for when big corporations drag out cases with the purpose of draining the victims strength mind, body and spirit, not to mention money. BP wants and has essentially written their own rules regarding when and especially if anyone gets any compensation. They (BP) are calling the shots; not the law.