Policemen or Uniformed Goons? Delhi Police Beats Sikh Man Mercilessly

Delhi Police Beats Sikh Man Mercilessly
Delhi Police Beats Sikh Man Mercilessly

Delhi Police – which is known for its unprofessional and barbaric acts – beat a Sikh man Sarabjit Singh mercilessly after a brief altercation with him. Such incidents are common in India where policemen behave as criminals.

The incident took place Sunday in Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar when the turbaned man took out his small sword (called kirpan) and chased a police man whose vehicle had collided with Sikh man’s tempo (a three-wheeled delivery van). Sikhs keep a sword with them as a symbol of their religion.

The videos shared on social media show that a number of policemen dragged the aged man on the road and kicked on his head. The policemen did not spare even his teenaged son who was trying to save his father.

A policeman even brandished his gun at the helpless Sikh man when he was being dragged and kicked. The cruelty displayed by the Delhi Police reminds the days of British Rule when Britishers used to beat and flog Indian slaves.

Meanwhile, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has condemned the police action. “Delhi Police brutality in Mukherjee Nagar is highly condemnable and unjustified. I demand an impartial probe into the whole incident and strict action against the guilty. Protectors of citizens can’t be allowed to turn into uncontrolled violent mobsters,” Kejriwal tweeted.

According to reports, Delhi Police has suspended 3 policemen for their unprofessional conduct during the clash with the tempo driver and ordered further inquiry into the incident. Sikhs in Delhi are still protesting with the demand that a case must be registered against the accused policemen.

Photo / Video courtesy: Social Media

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Rakesh Raman

One thought on “Policemen or Uniformed Goons? Delhi Police Beats Sikh Man Mercilessly

  • June 18, 2019 at 6:13 AM

    shameful human rights violation, how they were treating that little kid who was shouting mat maaro merey papa ko, let’s wait and watch what kind of action is taken on all these 13 cops, how many will be terminated and prosecuted.


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