Portraits – A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Mountain Dew has launched ‘Portraits.’ Featuring DEW family all-stars including race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., pro snowboarder Danny Davis and pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, the ads are moving portraits that leverage trending technology to showcase some of the most unique and defining aspects of each individuals’ life.

“Mountain Dew has always been a brand that celebrates individuals who identify their passions and pursue them unconditionally,” said Greg Lyons, VP of Marketing, Mountain Dew.

“For our new ‘Portraits’ ads, we collaborated with Dale Jr., Danny and Paul to create epic visual representations of all the things that they are most passionate about, done in a totally groundbreaking way that only DEW could do.”

Mountain Dew enlisted the animation experts at Psyop to push the spots into the social media and digital age.

Weaving in each star’s personality, Psyop designed multiple looping content and complex visual effects to create a distinctly cohesive and dynamic scene while isolating each individual component to move at varying speeds.

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It’s nearly impossible to catch all the unique elements of the ads during the first viewing. So, fans can visit www.MountainDew.com/Portraits and delve deeper into the meaning of all the unique components of the ads.

Footage taken from the various spots will also be available online as animated GIFs for fans to share through social networks.

All three of the :30-second ‘Portraits’ ads were launched Saturday, August 3. The ads will air on national network and cable television throughout the summer.

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