Rags to Rick – New Reality Comedy Series

Passionplay Media presents the half-hour pilot to the thirteen-part series “Rags to Rick.” It is about the lifestyle of entrepreneur Rick Smiciklas, owner of a family-run restaurant chain Wild Wing.

Here goes the story. Rick went from a hundred bucks in the bank, to a successful, eighty-million dollar business almost overnight.

Rick is self-made, with his fingers in many pies, always looking for the next deal, and having as much fun as possible along the way. But what makes him most happy is taking care of people; his family and friends.

Rick is super-generous, often to his detriment, and keeping his lazy friends actually working is his main challenge. The corporate head office often looks more like party central than a place of business.

The pilot episode introduces the bigger-than-life characters in Rick’s inner circle. The series will focus on Rick’s boundless energy in his new entrepreneurial ventures, and his misadventures with his band of misfits.

The pilot is now available to watch at www.ragstorick.com

Thirteen new half-hour episodes will air each Tuesday at 9:00pm, starting on Christmas Eve.

Passionplay Media is a privately held company that has funded and fully produced the series “Rags to Rick.” The company is seeking a talent agency to represent its series.

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Rakesh Raman