Red Star Rescue in Oklahoma Documentary

American Humane Association, a national humane organization, presents the worldwide premiere of the new short documentary from filmmaker Ric Burns, “Red Star Rescue in Oklahoma.”

This new film from Burns’s Steeplechase Films depicts what life was like for American Humane Association’s Red Star animal rescue team during its month-long deployment to Moore, Oklahoma to rescue and care for the four-legged victims left in the wake of the deadly EF-5 tornado that struck the town on May 20 this year.

Burns’s documentary crews followed the daily lives of the Red Star team, accompanying staff and volunteers on animal rescues in the field and at the central shelter, home to some 220 animals during the course of the deployment.

In its most poignant scene, the film portrays the emotional reunion of a woman and her cat, whose whereabouts had been unknown since the tornado struck. This moment caught on tape was just one of more than 100 reunions that occurred throughout the month in Moore.

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“Mr. Burns did an incredible job of showing what life is like for our brave Red Star team when out in the field rescuing animals in disaster zones,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, American Humane Association’s president and CEO.

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