Redefining Beauty of the Web with New Explorer

Microsoft Corp. has announced the worldwide beta availability of its new Web browser, Windows Internet Explorer 9. The launch was accompanied by over 70 top websites and global brands that created new experiences to show off the capabilities of the new browser at Beauty of the Web event in San Francisco.

The new browser, according to Microsoft, delivers a fast, clean, trusted and interoperable online experience that takes full advantage of Windows 7.

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Developers and designers from partners around the world are showcasing how they have used the capabilities of Internet Explorer 9 to tap into the power of the PC hardware, Windows 7, a new user experience, and support for modern standards such as HTML5 to create immersive sites that feel increasingly like native PC applications.

Together these partners reach more than 800 million visitors, or about two-thirds of the active people on the Web, says Microsoft.

Microsoft joined hands with partners such as Facebook, Red Bull GmbH, Quiksilver Inc., Rough Guides Ltd., eHow Inc., LiveStrong, Twitter, Dailymotion, the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Orbitz LLC, as well as top design studios such as Metia, Soleil Noir S.A.S. and Joshua Davis Studios.

Users can download the new Internet Explorer 9 Beta and experience many of these new sites at

“Internet Explorer 9 uses the power of Windows and the whole PC to bring you a better Web,” said Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live Division at Microsoft.

The company says Internet Explorer 9 has been re-architected to be the only Web browser to focus on bringing sites front and center through Windows 7, enabling a new class of experiences on the Web.

The announcement came Wednesday, Sept. 15.

Photo courtesy: Microsoft

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