Romantic Oriental Valentine’s Day in China

The Siblings’ Day, nonggaliang in the miao dialect, is known as the oldest oriental Valentine’s Day. Of all the festivals around the year in Miao’s calendar, it is said to be one of the grandest.

Legend goes that the family Zhang has seven pretty daughters. Each hopes to find a decent husband. Therefore, they apply colours to the glutinous rice by using the leaves they collected in the mountain and treat young men with the colourful rice from the neighbourhood at shidong zhai, their village.

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Finally, after a 3-day-long dancing and singing, true love is found. The colourful glutinous rice is thus given as a token and the wedding comes into preparation.

The custom is still followed in the modern days. On March 15–17 of the lunar calendar every year, this traditional festival is celebrated in Taijiang, Guizhou.

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Dressed in the costumes specially designed for the festivals, young men and women of the Miao nation would gather in Taijiang, Yangjia and Pianzhai. Traditionally, the youth will find their match at the gathering. There is no exception to this year.

On April 16–19 (March 14–17 of the lunar calendar), ‘the 2011 Miao Siblings’ Day of Guizhou’ will be held in Taijiang, Guizhou.

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People marching and dancing in their unique national costume will be a feast for your eyes. Activities like business and investment invitation, program introduction and promotion, along with national commodities and folk goods fair will be held.

‘The 2011 Miao Siblings’ Day of Guizhou’ welcome guests all over the world. Make your date with Siblings in Guizhou, 2011.

It was announced today, April 12, by City Channel of CRI Online.

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