Safety No. 1 Priority for Cell Phone Users

According to the latest study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), most drivers who use cell phones consider safety their number one priority when in an automobile.

Twenty-two percent of drivers with cell phones never use their cell phones while driving and other cell phone users will only use the following devices with their cell phones while driving:

  • Speakerphone built into cell phone (29%)
  • Wireless Bluetooth headset (22%)
  • Wired earphone or headset (10%)
  • Wireless Bluetooth speakerphone accessory for automobile (5%)

Steve Kidera, spokesperson for the Automotive Electronics Division at CEA, talks more in depth about the survey results and gives an inside look at some of the newest gadgets consumers are using to stay focused on the road.

Distracted driving is a major issue, believes CEA. It says while we can all be distracted at times, in-car technology has made huge leaps and bounds to be safer and more-user friendly- incorporating voice activation and other technologies to give us safety and comfort, while reducing the amount of distractions.

Not only do Americans spend time nearly every day in the automobile, the typical individual spends about 16.5 hours a week in his vehicle. So safe driving is of utmost importance to all Americans.

CEA released the study findings today, August 9.

With over 2,000 companies as its members, CEA is a trade association promoting growth in the $165 billion U.S. consumer electronics industry.

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Rakesh Raman