Social Media to Help You Sell Your Car

Seller’s Toolkit is a sales method using online technologies to help consumers sell their vehicles on high-traffic websites, social networks, via e-mail or a personal blog. Kelley Blue Book, a leading provider of car information, has launched its Seller’s Toolkit, featuring a LiveValue system.

How it works? With Seller’s Toolkit’s electronic, customizable and printable window stickers from Kelley Blue Book, private-party sellers can print a “For Sale” sign for the window of their vehicle. They can also create and send a digital window sticker with customized descriptions and photos to high-traffic websites like Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist or personal blogs.

Kelley Blue Book’s patent-pending LiveValue system also gives potential car buyers’ access to real-time, up-to-the-minute Blue Book Values as listed on

The Seller’s Toolkit earns its name with its social media sales tools designed to empower car sellers with the ability to personally sell their car like a pro. Included is a digitally connected window sticker, Facebook integration, an embeddable widget, dynamic images and a direct link users can share online, all enhanced with LiveValue information.

Users with Facebook profiles can notify their network of their vehicles for sale via the integrated share feature. In addition, the Seller’s Toolkit provides sellers with the option to add a custom tab to their Facebook profile reading “Car for Sale,” and features all of the details provided in the digital window sticker.

For a blog, online listing or anywhere a widget can be embedded, this interactive module is designed for easy, one-click sharing to a number of online locations such as Blogger or WordPress.

For even more digital portability, a dynamically generated image is available for places that feature image linking such as Craigslist, or save the image and upload it directly to sell-it-yourself sites.

For e-mail, IM or Twitter, the Seller’s Toolkit provides the seller with a direct link feature, generating a shortened URL that takes buyers to Kelley Blue Book’s pre-configured Pricing Report on This makes it easy for a potential buyer to reference the vehicle quickly and accurately.

“Before private party sellers spend a dime on online listings (that typically fail to drive interest), they should consider the advantages and capabilities of Kelley Blue Book’s Seller’s Toolkit with LiveValue,” said Justin Yaros, executive vice president of product design and development for Kelley Blue Book’s

Kelley Blue Book Values are updated weekly and with the LiveValue system, these values are represented in real-time from within the offered tools. LiveValue provides real-time Kelley Blue Book Values via three methods integrated into the Seller’s Toolkit window sticker: Generated QR Codes, SMS messaging and voice call services.

To access the Seller’s Toolkit, users can visit any Private Party Pricing Report on

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