Tim Tebow Wears Jockey to Stay Cool

Apparel products company Jockey International announces the launch of its new television spot featuring pro quarterback, Heisman trophy winner and Jockey spokesman, Tim Tebow. Tebow is the face of Jockey staycool, Jockey’s newest collection of underwear, designed to help regulate skin temperature and keep you cool and comfortable. 

The commercial opens with Tim Tebow walking down a city sidewalk on a sweltering day. As he walks, cooling imagery appears on Tim’s shirt to illustrate how the technologically advanced Jockey staycool collection keeps Tim cool on even the hottest days.

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The spot is scheduled to air on April 4, and will run through August on national cable, DRTV and DISH/DirecTV networks including, ESPN, E!, CNN, Spike, Discovery and more.

The ad was created by Arcade Creative Group and directed and produced by Motion Theory.

“The commercial is part of a larger integrated campaign to support Jockey staycool, and reinforce our commitment to offering cutting-edge products to our customers,” said Jockey chief marketing officer Dustin Cohn. “Tim Tebow’s passion for innovation both on and off the field aligns completely with the Jockey staycool brand.”

Jockey staycool will also be supported with online and print buys, in-store elements and event sponsorships, in addition to several other marketing promotions throughout the year.

The new product line features Outlast technology that absorbs, stores and releases excess heat to maintain your optimal skin temperature.

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Originally developed for NASA, Outlast technology has provided temperature regulation for more than 20 years and is said to be a certified space technology. According to the company, Jockey is the first U.S. company to offer underwear treated with Outlast technology with the launch of Jockey staycool.

The line is available in multiple styles and colors for men and women.

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