Tips for Pregnant Women to Combat Morning Sickness

Eighty percent of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, which, despite its name, can take place mornings, afternoons or any time of the day, sometimes even several times a day.

In fact, more than half of all pregnant women have experienced three or more episodes a day, according to Sea-Band Ltd., a company offering Sea-Bands, a drug free alternative treatment for the control of nausea and vomiting.

It says usually morning sickness happens during the first three months of gestation, but as anyone who has been afflicted by it can tell you, that’s way too long. The hormonal changes women experience during early pregnancy may be at fault, but no one is sure.

Of late, WebMD Health Corp. introduced its Pregnancy app. It is a free iPhone app offering expectant moms WebMD’s physician-reviewed pregnancy information that is customizable to fit a woman’s unique pregnancy. The app is WebMD’s latest addition to its multi-screen platform approach which provides health information to consumers. (Read: Pregnancy App from WebMD for Expectant Moms)

Pregnant Woman

Pregnant Woman

If you experience morning sickness, Sea-Band suggests a few natural remedies:

  • Snack all day. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day.
  • Keep your diet bland. Avoid fatty, spicy or fried foods.
  • Try liquids. If you are having trouble keeping anything solid down, it may be easier to get your nutrition from soups and juices.
  • Choose complex carbohydrates. Starches are easier to digest, and some pregnant women swear by crackers and potato chips.
  • Think mint. A cup of sweetened mint tea may soothe nausea.
  • Ginger it up. Drink ginger ale, ginger tea or try ginger candy. A new Ginger Lozenge from a line known as Sea-Band Mama contains ginger oil and 40 mcg of folic acid to contribute to a developing baby’s health. The all-natural lozenge works by stimulating the production of digestive juices. It acts quickly to neutralize stomach acids and soothe tender tummies, says the company.
  • Band it. Another option is the company’s acupressure Sea-Band wristbands, which promise to combat seasickness and carsickness.
  • Rely on your nose. The company has also created an Aromatherapy Rollette to apply to wrists, chests or temples, either before the onset of nausea or once feeling nauseous. Inhaling the rollette’s essential oils—ginger, mint and lime—triggers the release of natural chemicals that relieve stomach upset, says the company.

Many mothers-to-be find that these remedies can make the early months of pregnancy much easier to get through. If morning sickness persists more than a few weeks, be sure to discuss it with your doctor, suggests the company.

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