UNESCO Demands Safety of Journalists in Iraq

Stop killing journalists. Photo: UNESCO
Stop killing journalists. Photo: UNESCO

Kurdistan TV cameraman Mustafa Saeed was killed on 14 August while covering fighting in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, on Thursday urged measures to improve the safety of journalists in Iraq following the killing of Mustafa Saeed, the second such killing in the last week.

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“I condemn the killing of Mustafa Saeed,” the Director-General declared. “Saeed’s death is a tragic reminder of the responsibility shared by all to respect the civilian status of war reporters in keeping with the Geneva Conventions. The media must be protected as it fulfils its role in facilitating the free flow of information, which takes on vital importance in times of crisis or conflict.”

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The Director-General of UNESCO issues statements on the killing of media workers in line with Resolution 29 adopted by UNESCO Member States at the Organization’s General Conference of 1997, entitled “Condemnation of Violence against Journalists.”

These statements are posted on a dedicated webpage, UNESCO condemns the killing of journalists.

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