Video Guides for Travelers to the Polar Areas

Because travelers to the polar regions cannot try before they buy, Quark Expeditions says it has produced a number of video guides to provide a visual taste of the adventure. Two new guides were posted to the polar specialist’s website.

The Expedition Experience explains the difference between an expedition cruise and a traditional cruise. The Northwest Passage video depicts the history of the quest for the northern route to Asia.

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Polar travelers considering a visit to South Georgia, a remote Antarctic island in the Southern Ocean, can preview the experience.

Since the release of March of the Penguins, visiting an Emperor Penguin rookery is on some travelers’ list of must-see destinations, says Quark. It has produced a Video Guide about the birds to educate travelers.

Quark provides a glimpse into the role of Expedition Team members during a cruise.

Actor Gordon Pinsent (Away from Her) narrates the videos guides, which were directed by documentary filmmaker David Makepeace.

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Much of the footage was shot onboard Quark voyages by professionals. Historic photos were also incorporated.

Quark Expeditions says it was the first polar adventure company to transit the Northeast Passage with commercial passengers; the first to take travelers to the “far side” of Antarctica and the first to circumnavigate the Antarctic continent with guests, twice.

In 2006 and 2007, Quark says it was named a recipient of National Geographic Traveler’s “50 Tours of a Lifetime” for “Emperor Penguin Safari” and the “Far Side” respectively.

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