Welcome Yankee at the Cannes Film Festival

Benoit Desjardins, a filmmaker from Montreal, is going to the Cannes Film Festival to show his new shortfilm, Welcome Yankee.

Released in Quebec last November, the film participated in various festivals across Canada. Inspired by true stories collected in France, Bulgaria and Canada, Welcome Yankee tells a moving story about freedom.

It focuses on two Chechen refugees named Amant and Aslan who are determined to make a better life for themselves and their young child.

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Welcome Yankee is the first of a trilogy created by Desjardins which focuses on the topic of immigration. By appearing at the Cannes Film Festival from May 15-25 and promoting his 21-minute film, Desjardins will pave the way for his other projects.

The second film, “Dr. Diaz,” will be shot both in Mexico and Montreal before the end of the year, with the support of SODEC and Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec. Desjardins is currently working on securing funding for the last shortfilm of the triology entitled “Il Petardo.”

For more information, visit www.bendesjardins.com

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