Absolut’s Interactive Outdoor Art Exhibition

Leading spirit brand Absolut is joining forces with more than 15 emerging and local artists in San Francisco – empowering them to transform Divisadero Street in San Francisco on Saturday, August 24th.

Artists will be working outside to showcase their pieces, while visitors interact and experience the creative process in motion.

The Open Canvas initiative is a free outdoor interactive art exhibition, empowering celebrated artists and the public to transform entire street blocks. This initiative first kicked off in Brooklyn, NY earlier this summer.

Absolut’s project will feature emerging artists including: OLEK, Daniel Arnold, Michael Krouse, Henry Taylor, Aurora Halal, and others.

By Sunday evening – August 25 – the transformation will be near complete and on display to the public for an entire week through September 1.

Open Canvas is Absolut’s first iteration of the brand’s new global Transform Today campaign. It will feature a collection of experiences, stories and products, designed to catalyze Absolut’s fans to embrace creative risk taking in their lives, says the company.

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Rakesh Raman