Aida Mollenkamp Offers Tips for Food Safety

According to TV chef personality and cookbook author Aida Mollenkamp, the first step for food safety is to grill smart, “Don’t let a food safety slip ruin your barbecue. Remember the Chicken ABCs – ‘Always Be Careful.’

Never defrost meats on the counter. Prepare two marinades: one for raw meat and one for basting. Designate one colored cutting board for meat. Use separate tongs for raw and cooked poultry.

Sanitize your kitchen and utensils. These tips can ensure your barbecue is a success. What’s my key to great grilling? I always choose quality ingredients that are natural, fresh, local and humanely raised because I think they taste better.

In this video, Aida Mollenkamp shares food safety tips and showcases a favorite chicken recipe – perfect for summer grilling – prepared with American Humane Certified Foster Farms fresh chicken.

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Rakesh Raman