Anjem Choudary Invites Christians to Embrace Islam

Anjem Choudary Invites Christians to Embrace Islam
Anjem Choudary Invites Christians to Embrace Islam

In his Christmas message today, London-based Islamist fundamentalist Anjem Choudary has invited Christians to embrace Islam.

In his tweet, Choudary said: “The invitation is still there for all Christians to embrace Islam.”

Earlier, in a YouTube video message, Choudary had said that Jesus was not a Christian and if Jesus were alive today, he would be following the Muslims.

Anjem Choudary Twitter Message
Anjem Choudary Twitter Message

He also said Christmas has many evils associated with it while every true Christian knows that this has nothing to do with Christianity.

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According to Choudary, this pagan Christmas festival is about promiscuity, abuse of alcohol, domestic violence, all kinds of crimes, and breakup of families; so every Muslim should invite people away from this debauchery.

He said Jesus will return one day and he will break the cross and pray behind the Muslims. In his message to the Christians, Choudary said there is only one way of life that truly gives you paradise and happiness in this life, and that is Islam.

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He said that many innocent Muslims are put behind bars today by Christian rulers and if Jesus were alive today, he would probably spend his time in prison because of the views he carried.

Certainly, according to Choudary, Jesus will not be with Israelis but rather with the Muslims, the Palestinians against the occupation; and he will not be with the Americans or the British in Iraq and Afghanistan, but rather with the Muslims who are struggling to liberate and implement the divine law there. So, we need Islam, Choudary concluded in his message.

A self-styled lecturer in Shariah law, Anjem Choudary claims he has a deep understanding of Islamic law.

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