Anti-Trump TV Ad Targets Republican Women

Anti-Trump TV Ad Targets Republican Women
Anti-Trump TV Ad Targets Republican Women

An anti-Trump TV ad claims women need to drug themselves in order to vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

An anti-Trump Super PAC plans to air a 30-second TV ad called “Republixan” in select battleground states. The ad was broadcast on CNN and Fox News during the Republican convention.

Yakety-Yak PAC, a newly formed, Washington, DC-based Super PAC (political action committee) that produced the ad, is targeting Republican women.

The ad is a parody of pharmaceutical commercials and urges Republican women to talk with their doctor about taking a drug called Republixan — “a little red pill that relieves the stress, guilt and shame associated with voting for Donald Trump.”

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According to the PAC’s director, Deno Seder, “No rational, thinking woman would vote for Donald Trump unless she was drugged.”

Imitating Trump’s style, the ad’s producer, Jeorge Seder, remarked, “This is a great ad, believe me, a great ad. An incredible ad. We’re going to win so many voters, we’re gonna get tired of winning, believe me. It’ll make Trump start bleeding from his whatever.”

In the ad, a narrator warns of harmful side effects such as “tax cuts for the rich; reduced benefits for women, veterans and minorities; cuts in Medicare and Medicaid; cuts in funding for education; a possible war with Iran and other side effects hazardous to the health of our nation.”

The second presidential debate will happen Sunday, October 9. The U.S. presidential election is scheduled to take place Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

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