Body Worlds Home at Discovery Times Square

Discovery Times Square has announced that it would be the first permanent home for Body Worlds, the international traveling exhibitions of aesthetic anatomy.

Body Worlds: Pulse, the multimedia experience about the human body and the challenges it faces navigating the 21st century, will be a star attraction in the only museum environment in the theater district.

Body Worlds reveals the splendor, form, and function of the human body through Plastination, the science of specimen preservation invented by German anatomist, Dr. Gunther von Hagens.

The exhibitions, seen by more than 37 million people worldwide since 1995, have opened to critical acclaim in major global cities including London, Milan, Vienna, and Berlin, but have not, until now, had a permanent home.

“Establishing the touring museum exhibition in a permanent home became important to me after I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease,” said Dr. von Hagens. “I am pleased that the exhibition will be in Times Square, one of the great magnets for culture seekers in the world,” he said.

To commemorate the new home of Body Worlds at Discovery Times Square, Dr. von Hagens unveiled his ambitious anatomical work, The Rearing Horse with Rider, in Times Square for a one-day only appearance (July 24, 2013). The 12-foot high plastination endeavor was on free, public display.

“The Horse with Rider has an incredible back story,” said James Sanna, president & CEO of Discovery Times Square. “We are thrilled that this iconic scientific work will be on display in the exhibition,” he said.

Evocative of Leonardo da Vinci’s unfinished bronze sculpture of a horse and rider, Dr. von Hagens devoted three years to creating the anatomical composition.

In the picture above: (Right to Left) German anatomist and creator of Body Worlds, Dr. von Hagens and exhibition curator Angelina Whalley.

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Rakesh Raman