Countdown Begins for Girl Scout Cookie Program

Girl Scouts of the USA announces National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
Girl Scouts of the USA announces National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, which has become a national holiday for Girl Scout Cookie fans, kicks off this Friday, February 27, and runs through March 1, 2015.

Girls across the country (U.S.) will sell cookies at booths, door to door, and through Digital Cookie, the first national digital platform that enables girls to learn 21st-century skills while selling cookies through their own personalized cookie websites or face-to-face using a mobile transaction app.

The 2015 Cookie Weekend will mark the 98th year of Girl Scouts selling cookies and learning the basic skills and acumen they need to be leaders in business and sales, manage their personal and family finances, and gain self-sufficiency and confidence handling money.

Consumers who celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend can ask girls how they give back to their communities with cookie earnings, and what they learn by selling cookies.

Those who want to share via social media the fun they’re having on Cookie Weekend can use the hashtag #cookieboss and tag @girlscouts.

To learn more about the new cookie varieties and find Girl Scouts selling cookies near you, visit the website or use the newly enhanced official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app, free for your iOS or Android phone or mobile device.

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