Creating Your Own Virtual Animal Kingdom

A captivating virtual world will give players the opportunity to transform themselves into their favorite animals, National Geographic and Smart Bomb Interactive launch National Geographic Animal Jam:

It encourages kids to celebrate their individuality and unleash their imaginations as they journey through the many lands of Jamaa. Curious “animals” will find a rich world to explore, from the beaches of “Crystal Sands,” to the tree village of the “Sarepia Forest,” and the mysterious ruins of the “Temple of Zios.”

As they uncover the secrets of this constantly changing world, players will enjoy games, win trivia challenges, chat with friends and learn about science and nature.

“Since kids are truly explorers at heart, they will love National Geographic Animal Jam,” said herpetologist Dr. Brady Barr, host of National Geographic Channel’s “Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr.”

“What better way to give kids a real-world animal adventure online than to allow them to discover the animal kingdom virtually through play, interactive experiences and engagement with fascinating information about their favorite animal friends?”

Players can also create their own content that will appear in the virtual world, including hosting special in-world parties or contributing their own artwork that could be featured in the in-world newspaper, Jamaa Journal.

Animal Jam is free for anyone to play. In early September 2010, following a beta-testing phase, players will also be able to sign up for a paid membership to the world.

Members will have access to additional content and special features, such as the ability to transform into multiple animal characters as well as experience new lands, games, rewards, bonus Gems, adventures and videos.

The Animal Jam is developed by National Geographic, a nonprofit scientific and educational organization, and Smart Bomb Interactive, a developer of video games for kids.

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Rakesh Raman