DPS Housing Society Case: 10-Point Proposal

DPS Group Housing Society Case
DPS Group Housing Society Case

DPS Housing Society Case: 10-Point Proposal

The President and Managing Committee Members

D.P.S. Co-op. Group Housing Society, Dwarka, Sector – 4, New Delhi 110 078

March 8, 2015

Dear Managing Committee (MC) Members,

Although you have been ignoring the residents’ problems and suggestions in the past, you are once again requested to carry out the following tasks immediately to address the residents’ concerns and to run the Society affairs smoothly – and honestly.

1. Stop making arbitrary purchase decisions and first get approval from all the members before any purchase.

2. Make a transparent purchase procedure (including the need for purchase, procurement method, selection of vendors, pricing, terms, etc.) and get it approved formally from all the members.

3. As mere account statements are not sufficient, present all documents supporting your expenditure.

4. Do not initiate any construction / building extension activity in the Society which is harmful for residents or which causes any inconvenience to them.

5. Make a fool-proof process to hold General Body Meetings (GBM) where only authorized members are present and their voting / feedback is recorded in a formal and explicit manner.

6. In this regard, please note that the Minutes of the Meeting letter dated February 25, 2015 prepared by the MC for the meeting that took place on February 8, 2015, is not valid as the decisions that you have mentioned in your letter were never taken in the meeting. Stop this unfair practice of holding informal GBMs and imposing your own random decisions on residents.

7. Focus on creating a cooperative culture in the Society instead of focusing on monetary projects. In this regard, when you plan to constitute sub-committees for various activities, circulate your plan beforehand among all the residents. This is required to ensure a fair play, giving all the residents an equal opportunity to participate depending on their availability and competence. Dissolve all the sub-committees that you have formed randomly and begin the process again with an honest intention.

8. Stop promoting an undisciplined culture in the Society. And treat all residents with equal respect, keeping in view the ethics of human equality.

9. This letter is a follow-up communication to the 4-page letter dated January 27, 2015 (singed by about 35 people) that you have received but deliberately decided to ignore. In future, do not refuse to accept and acknowledge residents’ letters, and also mention about them appropriately in all your communications.

10. Make a website of our Society and put all the financial details, decisions, communications on the website in a transparent manner to reduce the chances of corruption.

You are requested to formally inform all the Society members about your decisions on the above points.

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Thanking you

Rakesh Raman

Resident of DPS Housing Society

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