Finally, Aflac Duck Gets its Quack Back

Following a month-long search that included celebrities, actors, professional voice over artists and individuals from the general public, Aflac on Tuesday introduced 36-year-old Dan McKeague of Hugo, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, as the new voice of the Aflac Duck.

The married father of three submitted his audition online and was informed that he had been selected after a review of more than 12,500 live and online auditions.

Aflac had announced a nationwide casting call to find a new voice for the Aflac Duck. (Read: Final Call for Aflac Duck Voice Auditions)

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“I have long admired people who can act and make the most of their voice and have tried to emulate them,” McKeague said. “I want to thank Aflac for the incredible honor of voicing the greatest icon in corporate America and representing a company that not only leads its industry but also leaves a positive social imprint in every community it serves.”

McKeague, sales manager for radio stations KQRS and Love 105 in Minneapolis, has experience doing local voiceovers. He is also vice president for the Board of Directors of the non-profit Children’s Safety Centers in St. Paul, which provides safe havens for children to hold supervised visits with non-custodial relatives.

Dan will make his vocal debut immediately in Aflac’s latest commercial titled Pigeon, wherein the Aflac Duck represents insurance coverage that includes major medical and Aflac, while a pigeon represents coverage that includes only major medical coverage without the financial protection of Aflac. The new ad will be available on the Aflac Duck’s Facebook page.

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“We were tremendously impressed with the wealth of talent who applied for this job. Dan impressed us with his vocal range and acting ability,” Aflac chief marketing officer Michael Zuna said.

The Aflac Duck is also a symbol for the company’s primary philanthropic cause, helping Aflac raise more than $62 million for the treatment and research of childhood cancer.

Aflac is a leading insurance company.

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