Free Pizza Award for Twitter Followers

Pizza company Pizza Hut is now turning to its Twitter followers to find out what should be stuffed into the crust next. It is asking fans to tweet their answers to “What Would You Stuff Into the Crust?”

“Once again, we shattered the pizza rules,” said Kurt Kane, chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut. “Ultimate Stuffed Crust Pizza is yet another never-seen-before pizza innovation from Pizza Hut. We did the unthinkable by folding cheese and toppings into our crust to make Ultimate Stuffed Crust pizza, and we can’t wait to hear what our Twitter followers would stuff into our legendary crust.”

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You can follow Pizza Hut on Twitter at and tell what you would like to stuff inside your Ultimate Stuffed Crust Pizza using the hashtag #stuffmycrustwith and directing tweets to @pizzahut.

Submissions will generate a chance to win a $10 Pizza Hut gift card. Pizza Hut will accept entries April 4 – April 22, 2011. Winners will be notified by direct message on Twitter.

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Five hundred pizza fans will be randomly selected to win a free pizza from Pizza Hut (in the form of a $10 Pizza Hut gift card).

For more information, you can visit

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