Have You Met Peaceman in India?

This is about pop-dance recording artist Sir Ivan’s album “I Am Peaceman in India.”

Worldwide Records, India’s leading Music Label and distribution company which exclusively distributes the Buddha Bar Series, Ministry of Sound and more than 40 international labels in India, is releasing electro-pop recording artist Sir Ivan’s debut album, I Am Peaceman in India.

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According to the company, due to the global success of Sir Ivan’s single Hare Krishna from I Am Peaceman, Worldwide Records entered into a full distribution deal with Sir Ivan’s New York-based label, Peaceman Music.

The I Am Peaceman album was released throughout India. Sir Ivan intends to take a 2 week tour of India to perform and visit with all of his fans in 2013.

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Sir Ivan’s full-length album, I Am Peaceman, treats the world to dance remakes of anti-war songs inspired by the 1960′s, such as John Lennon’s Imagine, Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind, and Buffalo Springfield’s For What It’s Worth.

The album also includes an original song titled Peace On Earth that encapsulates Sir Ivan’s message of spreading peace and love and combating hate and intolerance.

Peaceman Productions made this announcement Tuesday, Oct. 9.

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