How Do I Get Rid of SlideShare?

As part of my work, I keep testing various Web services. Today, I decided to use something called SlideShare, which calls itself “the world’s largest community for sharing presentations.”

When I tried to use it, I was asked to open my account. I did.

By Rakesh Raman

I entered the site and found it utterly useless – at least, for me. I decided to remove my account instead of getting troubled by the subsequent volley of unsolicited emails that such sites are in the habit of sending.

I tried to delete my account by using the option given on the site. But instead of removing my account, the site stood like a dumb statue (statues are always dumb, I suppose). I tried to log out. It won’t allow me to log out and a thick blue bar obstructed my ‘log out’ option.

I tried to contact the site people, there was no direct contact. I found myself trapped in the labyrinth created by the shady SlideShare.

Annoyed, disturbed, and perhaps cheated, I just turned off my browser and started focusing on my other work.

After a while, I checked my mail. To rub salt into my wounds, I was already spammed by SlideShare within minutes.

The email was from some Rashmi Sinha (Co-founder & CEO, SlideShare) with useless content in it. And as it’s expected of such unscrupulous outfits, it was a “Do Not Reply” email.

When I clicked on the person’s name, it shamelessly asked me to “Follow” that person (Rashmi Sinha) while I was already troubled a lot by all this rigmarole. Where do I go with my cries?

Today, enamoured by the sheer size of the Web, every Tom, Dick, and Harry starts something on it in an attempt to woo gullible users.

But the trouble is they don’t understand the meaning of online UX (user experience), which is a highly technical field and needs plenty of honesty among the service companies to give a trouble-free experience to users – even if they are using it free.

Most sites allow users to go out if they didn’t like their service. But SlideShare? It won’t let you go so easily. That’s why it’s – as it claims – the largest community, etc.

That means, I am imprisoned for ever in this Web jail called SlideShare. As SlideShare is restricting my free movement, it’s also a case of human rights violation.

Come, help me get rid of SlideShare. Will you?

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of Raman Media Network.

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  • JR

    I also tried to delete it. I theoretically deleted it but it still shows up if you search me by name and I didn’t realize that they pulled “private” info from my FB profile that is now there for the world to see. If you figure it out, please assist! I also cannot find any contact information.

  • Jaysus

    That link don’t even work! i want to delete my account but I can’t either! I’m trapped!! HELP ME OH LORD!!

  • Weronika

    Hi, Rakesh,

    have you tried these instructions?

    Hope it helps,