How New Year’s Eve Was Celebrated in Thailand

History was made this New Year’s Eve in Bangkok as the “world’s highest ball drop” took place on the rooftop of the Tower Club at lebua hotel.

Perched 872 feet high (64 stories tall), the brightly lit, rainbow colored ball was visible across the city for over 1.8 km (1 mile). This was the inaugural year of the Bangkok Ball Drop at lebua, which is to become an annual New Year’s Eve tradition for Thailand.

Measuring 2.1 meters wide (7 feet) and featuring 2,950 LED lights and 50 strobe lights, the ball completed its magnificent light show in concert with the city’s fireworks display on the Chao Phraya River.

A 10-second countdown to midnight commenced, and the ball made its 15 meter (49 feet) journey to the bottom of its pole. When it came to rest, a sign reading ‘2014’ flashed to signify the start of the New Year.

“Some of our guests didn’t know there would be a ball drop tonight. We were already fully booked by the time the plans were fully realized, so we decided to make it a surprise,” remarked lebua Hotels & Resorts CEO, Deepak Ohri. “I think it has been a great success.”

The Bangkok Ball was handcrafted in Thailand from steel, and the complete structure weighs 1.2 tons. Fifty men labored more than 40 days to construct it.

lebua Hotels & Resorts is a growing international luxury brand that operates distinctive hotels, restaurants and bars.

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Rakesh Raman