Japan’s Okinawa Movie Features Ichariba-Chode

Japan’s Okinawa Prefectural Government announced today that it has uploaded videos introducing the “Ichariba-chode” hospitality, the manner of people who visit the nation’s best resort islands.

The announcement is part of the “Be.Okinawa” global branding project. “Ichariba-chode” is an Okinawan saying and approach to life, meaning “once we meet, we become brothers and sisters.”

The videos were shot in several different famous destinations around the world with a cultural and anthropological approach.

Two different versions of the videos are available. The first one, “MEET the LOCALS: On the Street,” shows the reaction of locals in the streets helping visitors after they are asked for directions, trends, or local attractions.

The other video, “MEET the LOCALS: In the Bar” shows how locals react and communicate with tourists who are sitting alone in a bar.

In the latter video, the people of Okinawa extend their “welcome to the family” hospitality by inviting the visitor to their table for dinner and conversation.

The “Be.Okinawa” website also features prominent amateur “YouTuber” Grant Schuman as he encounters and interacts with the people of Okinawa during his trip to the islands.

The Okinawa government announced last year that it would begin promoting the island to the international market with the “Be.Okinawa” concept, and would target two million visitors by 2021, a number approximately seven times larger than that of 2011.

Okinawa is an island located in the southernmost part of Japan.

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