KFC Calls Rivals to Taste its New Doublicious

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) offers up to 50,000 free sandwiches to competitive restaurants’ two-timing employees who want to taste its new eatable.

It is offering free Doublicious sandwiches to the first 10 employees of a competitive fast food restaurant who visit participating KFC restaurants on July 20th. That is up to 50,000 free sandwiches to employees who are interested in “two-timing” their employers for a free first taste, it says.

Two-timing employee tasters, who are supposed to come in their work uniform, can try the Doublicious for free. They can also apply for Sandwich Amnesty (in the form of a KFC job application) should they lose their jobs for supporting the tasty new sandwich, says KFC.

“KFC continues to generate buzz in the sandwich business by following up the Double Down with the Doublicious, a combination of sweet Hawaiian bread and savory boneless chicken,” explained Javier Benito, executive vice president of marketing and food innovation for KFC.

“In fact, this combination results in a signature sandwich that is so good, we are certain that even people who work for our competitors will want to secretly switch teams to enjoy one.”

The new Doublicious combines a savory boneless chicken filet with a sweet Hawaiian Bread bun for sweet and savory taste. The Original Recipe Doublicious includes an Original Recipe filet topped with bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and Colonel’s Sauce.

The Grilled Doublicious is a grilled filet topped with Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce and honey mustard BBQ sauce.

It is available at KFC restaurants coast to coast. The Doublicious Combo includes Potato Wedges and a drink for $5. The sandwich can also be purchased a la carte.

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Rakesh Raman