Marriott Launches Content Marketing Studio

Marriott Launches Content Marketing Studio

Marriott Launches Content Marketing Studio

Marriott International, Inc., announced Monday the formation of a new global content studio—comprised of content development, production and distribution teams—dedicated to publishing, distributing and sharing digital and filmed content across film, television, online, digital and print distribution platforms.

To further the company’s focus on next-generation travelers and drive new business, the studio embraces a mission to own original content marketing as both a travel company and a worldwide community.

“The global content studio represents a bold step forward for Marriott, both in our industry and among leading brands,” said Karin Timpone, Marriott’s global marketing officer. “The purpose is to create and establish original content as a key component of the company’s global marketing strategy. The studio will consist of three groups: a Creative agency, Entertainment and Live – all focused on developing multi-platform content to engage consumers across all screens and formats worldwide.”

The Creative group oversees campaign, project, and initiative level creative and snackable travel lifestyle related content.

The Entertainment team leads episodic story-driven content. The “always on” Live team will be responsible for publishing real time creative and content around trending topics, conversations, and events on social media.

Leading the studio is David Beebe, vice president, creative + content marketing, global marketing, who joined Marriott from Disney-ABC Television Group.

Photo courtesy: Marriott

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