Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy for Teens

Mercedes-Benz USA has announced that it will offer teen driver education and training in San Diego through its DMV-certified Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy beginning in 2014.

Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy’s approach is designed to develop key decision-making skills, educate parents on coaching their new teen driver and create safer and more responsible drivers for life.

“Distracted driving is only one of the many challenges that today’s teens face on the road,” said Carolyn Duchene, director of the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy.

“Our goal at Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy is to develop safer teen drivers and provide parents with some peace of mind. At the same time, parental involvement is the key to avoiding needless tragedies behind-the-wheel.”

Car crashes continue to be the leading cause of death among teens, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), informs Mercedes-Benz.

National averages show that teens are most likely to have a significant crash in their first year of driving, four-times higher than an adult or experienced driver.

Prior to launch, Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy will offer complimentary Parent-Teen Workshops and work with Mercedes-Benz Dealerships and local schools to bring teen driver safety programs to the market.

Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy features a customized curriculum involving an interactive, participatory system of key tactical on-line and classroom components in conjunction with on-road training.

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