Murdered Boris Nemtsov’s Girlfriend Released by Moscow Police

Anna Duritskaya

Anna Duritskaya

Anna Duritskaya, the girlfriend of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov who was murdered in Moscow last week, has gone back today to Kiev from Russia where she was held by investigative agencies for questioning.

Duritskaya has been complaining about her prolonged inquiries, as she said she has told everything she knew about the murder incident to the investigating officials.

The 23-year-old model from Ukraine, who was with Nemtsov at the time of his murder, said in a TV interview to Russia’s TV Rain that she wants to go back home where her mother is sick and in a difficult psychological state.

Recounting the murder incident, Duritskaya said she saw a light-colored car and as a witness she has given all possible evidence to the police. “I do not understand why I am still in Russia,” she had said, adding that for three days she was being driven in police cars to the investigative committee.

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“They (investigators) don’t explain to me when I will be set free,” Duritskaya had complained.

But finally after intervention and support from the Ukrainian embassy in Russia, Duritskaya was freed by the investigating officers Tuesday.

Duritskaya’s friend Nemtsov, a staunch critic of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, was shot dead Friday in Moscow. He was killed soon after announcing a rally to oppose the Putin-supported war with Ukraine.

Nemtsov was also the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia under President Boris Yeltsin in 1998.

In a recent interview, according to BBC, Nemtsov had said he feared Putin would have him killed because of his opposition to the war in Ukraine.

Putin, however, said that the people behind this crime will be held accountable.

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