Newspaper Reporter: The Worst Job for 2016

Newspaper Reporter: The Worst Job for 2016

Newspaper Reporter: The Worst Job for 2016

Who has the worst job – one with a low salary, poor outlook, undesirable work environment, and high stress?

Is it the person who drives a garbage truck, or a nuclear decontamination technician? It’s neither.

For the third year in a row, newspaper reporter came in dead last on’s 28th annual Jobs Rated report’s 10 worst jobs list.

Logger, broadcaster, disc jockey, enlisted military, retail sales, advertising sales, taxi driver, and firefighter round out the 10 least desirable jobs for 2016.

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On the flip side, professions in mathematics top the 2016 Jobs Rated report’s 10 best jobs, with data scientist coming in at number one and statistician at number two. Mathematician (#6) and actuary (#10) also require serious math skills.

To determine the 200 best and worst jobs, the Jobs Rated report analyzed each job’s environment (emotional, physical and hours worked), income (growth potential and salary), outlook, along with 11 stress factors to determine which professions are among the most and least desirable.

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“Declining employment opportunities contributed to the inclusion of many of the 10 worst careers in the 2016 Jobs Rated report,” says Kyle Kensing, online content editor, CareerCast. “Traditional news media is particularly hard hit due to newspapers folding or moving to digital-only, and waning advertising revenue.”

CareerCast releases 2016 list of best and worst jobs

CareerCast releases 2016 list of best and worst jobs

Employment of broadcasters is expected to decline by 9%, or 4,800 total positions, by 2024. Broadcasters seeking a job transition can parlay their skills into a career as a podcaster, online news producer, or data journalist.

Print newspaper reporters can transfer their skills to writing for online mediums, public relations, or corporate communications jobs.

CareerCast’s 10 worst jobs of 2016:

Profession and how it fared in 2015 Annual Median Salary Growth Outlook (to 2024)
200. Newspaper Reporter/Print (no change) $36,390 -9%
199. Logger (no change) $35,160 -4%
198. Broadcaster (no change) $37,200 -9%
197. Disc Jockey (+3) $29,010 -11%
196. Enlisted Military (+2) $27,936 N/A
195. Pest Control Worker (-37) $30,660 -1%
194. Retail Sales Person (-38) $21,670 7%
193. Advertising Sales Person (-9) $47,890 -3%
192. Taxi Driver (+1) $23,210 13%
191. Firefighter (+1) $45,970 5%

CareerCast’s 10 best jobs of 2016:

Profession and how it fared in 2015 Annual Median Salary    Growth Outlook (to 2024)
1. Data Scientist (+5) $128,240 16.02%
2. Statistician (+2) $79,990 34%
3. Info. Security Analyst (N/A) $88,890 18%
4. Audiologist (-2) $73,060 29%
5. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (N/A) $62,540 24%
6. Mathematician (-3) $103,720 21%
7. Software Engineer (+1) $97,990 17%
8. Computer Systems Analyst (+1) $82,710 21%
9. Speech Pathologist (+2) $71,550 21%
10. Actuary (-9) $96,700 18%’s Jobs Rated Report utilizes a wide range of criteria such as income, outlook, environmental factors, stress and physical demands to rank 200 U.S. jobs annually., created by Adicio, is a job search portal.

Photo courtesy: CareerCast

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